Intensive Driving Courses

42541470_1989109761147822_3149152918590980096_oOur Intensive courses are normally taken over 1, 2 or 3 weeks depending on the number of hours required.

Learning to drive over a longer period is normally recommended so that you can gain more experience, but our Intensive Courses are ideal for those who would like to learn or need to pass their test quickly. Ideally the candidate would already have passed their theory before the start of the course so that the driving test can take place at the end of the course (depending on availabilty)

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  • Course A “The Fast Pass” – 12 hours (over 2 days min) £336 plus the DVSA test fee.
    Designed for pupils who have failed their test recently and require a little help to achieve the required standard.
  • Course B – “The Classic Five Day” 21 hours (over 5 days min) £560 plus the DVSA test fee.
    Designed for pupils who have already have gained some experience and want to learn over five days, you should already be able to drive in medium traffic and the manoeuvres should all be up to a fair standard.
  • Course C – “The Quick Learner” 30 hours (over 10 days min) £800 plus the DVSA test fee.
    Designed for pupils who have some ability, but have had little experience. You should have fairly good car control and the manoeuvres should have been started.43878685_2012542238804574_9060605884576563200_n
  • Course D – “The Novice Learner” 42 hours (over 2 weeks min) £1120 plus the DVSA test fee.
    Designed for novice pupils who have had very little driving experience, maybe 5 to 10 hours of driving tuition.
  • Course E – “The New Starter” 50 hours (over 2 weeks min) £1333 plus test fee.
    Designed for pupils that are starting from scratch……a complete beginner.

(Please Note… When comparing our prices to other providers always remember to ask how many hours of driving are included on their intensive courses)