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We provide both Automatic and Manual driving lessons as well as Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.  We also provide Professional Driver Instructor Training.  

Taking your driving lessons with one of our dedicated instructors will help you pass your test quickly and easily with a structured course tailored to your needs and requirements.


You will benefit from our modern methods of teaching, which in-turn will help you become a safe, responsible and efficient driver in as short a time as possible. You will also find your time with us will be challenging yet supportive, moving along at a pace that you feel happy with.


Call 07727 932715 now for details of how we can help you to pass your test and become truly independent!

MPL Driving School is proud to have been awarded Best Business for the last 5 years on the ThreeBest Rated® driving schools comparison site for Peterborough (Website Link) and with more 5* Reviews on google than any other local driving school in Peterborough (Google Pages) you are in safe hands for your driving lessons getting you on the road to success as quickly as possible.


Recent Testimonials and Reviews;

MPL driving school was offering bulk buy lessons with lower price and a choice of 10 instructors. I was happy with wide range of deals and instructors.Armin- my instructor- was professional, easy-going, patient and with good humor, therefore he was able to put me at ease despite my nerves. He was extremely helpful and flexible- … Continue reading Kristina


Just wanted to say thank you so much to Brendon for teaching and seeing Kieran through his test. He’s really enjoyed his driving time with you. I wish we had found you earlier as our previous instructor wasn’t great with Kieran’s nerves and was a bit impatient. Thanks again and wishing you all the best … Continue reading Kelly


Jason made me feel very comfortable from the first lesson and made me feel very confident behind the wheel. He is clear when teaching and is a great guy. Couldn’t be happier, thanks Jason. 07/01/19


Just want to say a BIG THANKYOU to Karen I think you are the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are so AMAZING!!!!!!!!😄👍

Marresia Hodgkin

Couldn’t have asked for a better, more competent, patient, and supportive instructor! A first time pass with only 1 fault! Thank you very much!

Afif Kanaan

Mpl driving school is brilliant. So glad I get a wonderful teacher each week who cracks me up and is as crazy as me! Super patient with me as in my 30s I’ve always been petrified of learning, but each lesson I come away more confident. Thank you Glen 🙂

Nikki Forsythe

Huge thanks to Peter for all his help in getting me through my driving test. He was a very knowledgeable driving instructor with a calm and professional manner. Many thanks to him.  


Fantastic driving school! Many thanks to Glen who helped me from day one to get that blue certificate at the end of my test! Amazing experience and a fabulous instructor. Thank you MPL and especially to Glen 🚘

Oliver Rons

Glen is absolutely amazing, she has been so understanding and caring throughout my lessons! I passed first time today and couldn’t of done it without her! lovely lady and an outstanding driving instructor, will miss our lessons a lot! Thank you MPL driving school and thank you especially to glen! Couldn’t recommend enough!!

Ellie Yates

Pete is a fantastic instructor with a great teaching style! He got me ready and able to pass in record time. It was a very enjoyable experience being taught by him and i’ll miss his humour. Thanks to MPL driving school and particularly to Pete! I will definitely be recommending you guys!


Pete has been brilliant in helping me reach my goal as a Driving Instructor. With his support I was able to pass my ADI Part 2 with a clean sheet!! His knowledge and teaching ability is next to none and all his advise has made the whole experience seem-less. I easily recommend him to anyone looking to pursue Instructing as a career!

Rob Clancy

Thank you Avril Desmond for being a great instructor. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. At my test today, I could hear your voice in my head cheering me on. You have been a very patient and supportive teacher and I am very grateful. MPL Driving school was indeed a great decision.

Oriibim Horsfall

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36 thoughts on “MPL Driving School

  1. MPL driving school was offering bulk buy lessons with lower price and a choice of 10 instructors. I was happy with wide range of deals and instructors.
    Armin- my instructor- was professional, easy-going, patient and with good humor, therefore he was able to put me at ease despite my nerves. He was extremely helpful and flexible- even booking some lessons and my test during his day off! I would highly recommend Armin as instructor. Thanks.

  2. Hi Brendon, just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching and seeing Kieran through his test. He’s really enjoyed his driving time with you. I wish we had found you earlier as our previous instructor wasn’t great with Kieran’s nerves and was a bit impatient. Thanks again and wishing you all the best in your teaching, you’ve been great for Kieran

  3. I wanted to Say a HUGE Thank you To Karen !! Without her I would never have passed my Test !! I will miss our lessons, she put me at ease, I failed 3 times before I chose Karen, I was always very nervous when it came to my tests. Karen got me over that, and got me to enjoy driving. I truly will miss Karen x

  4. I Passed my Test first time! Avril was my instructor to start with who helped me overcome my fear of driving after I was involved in a car accident a few years ago and and then due to unforeseen circumstances a couple of weeks before my test I had to swap to Muhammad who prepped me for my test! Both instructors were amazing! Patient , clear and both made me the driver I am today! The company itself is great and I can’t recommend them enough! Many Many Thanks again xxxx

  5. Ecstatic to have passed with Jason. Jason was a fantastic driving instructor, he remained very calm and patient throughout my lessons and made it a really enjoyable experience! I had a few previous instructors but found Jason to be very encouraging, if you are a nervous driver he is perfect.

  6. Recently passed first time with the help of Mick Morris, THE best instructor. Lessons werent boring and were catered to what I needed. Thank you Mick!

  7. Huge thank you to Brendon Kelly. I passed my driving test first time. Your patience and understanding whilst learning was appreciated. I felt you explained how to do manoeuvres extremely well.
    I actually enjoyed learning to drive.
    Thank you
    Simon Renfree

  8. I cannot thank Qaseem enough I was low on confidence and genuinely feel that I was never going to get my confidence not only did I regain confidence I felt relaxed during all lessons and with his potential attitude to tuition I was able to pass now me and my young family are highly benefiting from his and my hard work. Want to pass talk to Qaseem man will sort you out

  9. A massive thank you to Qaseem, passed first time. Friendly, calm and super patient Instructor, I felt very comfortable. Explained all maneuvers very clearly. Qaseem also allowed me to schedule my lessons early evening due to my work commitments. Would and will be highly recommending.

  10. I passed my test with Anne Lee Huge thanks to her without her support and help I never pass the test. She always supporting , calm ,patient and so friendly. I will miss our lessons she make me enjoying when I’m driving I can’t thank her enough I really appreciate everything , I strongly recommend Anne Lee she is a professional instructor , thank you Anne ♥️.

    • Big thank you to Rav, brilliant driving instructor really down to earth guy and really friendly which made passing my test that much easier, would highly recommend using him. Even when I just wanted to give up he pushed me to continue! Top guy! Without him I would of not passed my test that’s for sure!

  11. A big thank you to Rav, for helping me pass my driving test first time! I very much enjoyed each and every lesson with him; he made the lessons fun and enjoyable whilst getting the job done, but most of all he built my confidence which I previously lacked before I started lessons with him. Would highly recommend Rav!

  12. A huge thank you to Dash for helping me in passing my test second time round. Was a long time but did it in the end. Enjoyed every lesson I did n dash also helped me feel comfortable in every lesson. Would highly recommend!

  13. A huge thanks to Dash Singh for being a great instructor! Highly recommend as he is very patient and explains things really well!

  14. I just want to say that you have a very enjoyable experience as you have mentioned in this blog. Awesome blog. It’s really a best blog for all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

  15. I passed my test first time, with only 3 faults! Completely thanks to Lou!
    I came to Lou in a panic after having issues with my previous instructor at a different company, and soon realised they had left out most of the major things I should have been taught. So she picked up from them, with very little time left before my test date! She was always calm, patient (despite my flapping) and explained all her instructions clearly, making sure I understood the reasoning behind everything. She is really professional, but also super nice..I couldn’t recommend Lou enough, without her there is no way I would have passed at all. Thank you so much! 🙂

  16. Highly recommend Quaseem raja!! This guy knows his stuff. Between us we smashed it in 12 hours, if you want your license quick he’s your man! Amazing teacher, with good techniques to help you pass! Passed with only 2 minors.. hit him up!

  17. PASSED in FIRST ATTEMPT with 4 minors. Big thank you to my instructor Raja Ali. Definitely recommend him for his experience, skills, calmness and high regards for professionalism. Goes an extra mile to support his students, if needed.
    I never felt hesitant asking him driving skill questions again n again and he never felt bothered.

  18. Passed in first time!
    Thank you for good quality lessons from Marius. The best instructor I have ever had.

  19. Want to say a big thank you to Rav Singh for helping me pass my test! Easy to work with and never a full moment with him in the car. Would highly recommend!

    Going to miss you mate!

    Joe x

  20. Thanks for Mohammad Hussain who has been such a brilliant driving instructor. I am so thankful for his constructive feedback and giving me confidence and encouragement to drive a car. Mohammad has helped me to pass my driving exam quickly and with confidence. I highly recommend MPL driving school to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

  21. Thank you to Simon, Peter and Mohammed for their help and support in getting my test done! They were firm but fair with me which is all I could have asked for to get it done and done properly! Would recommend them to any new learners, exactly what I needed! 🙂

  22. A massive thank you to Rav Singh for helping me pass my test first time!

    I’d lost my confidence with my previous instructor and Rav really helped me to get my driving to a great standard and not lose hope! Always made lessons fun and went the extra mile to accommodate for lessons around my full time work schedule too – couldn’t recommend enough!

  23. Yonca Y
    11/08/2021 11:00
    Many Thanks to MPL Mr Mohammad Manazar Hussain.I was trying long to pass exam finally today I made it 😉
    I do recommend him to who needs to pass exam in Peterborough.

  24. A big thank you Adil Rashid I passed on my second time with you, It’s because of your professionalism as a driving instructor.
    I would definitely recommend you any day anytime

  25. I’d like to thank Lou for a year of great driving lessons resulting in a pass on my second attempt. She was really encouraging and friendly yet very firm and supportive when needed. Learning to drive has been a great experience thanks mainly to a great instructor and I would recommend them to anyone.

  26. My son Josh took automatic driving lessons with Anne Lee and we could not have been more impressed. Despite josh having to isolate and then Anne having to do the same in quick succession, Anne arranged for support drivers to help Josh and adjusted her whole timetable to fit Josh in around his test date. He passed first time with only 2 minors. thanks in many ways to Anne’s incredible teaching and flexibility. I can not thank her enough for helping Josh. If you want a good driving school and instructor, pick MPL and Anne.

  27. Thank you to Peter and Mazher for helping me with driving and passing first time. Mazher was very professional and has a lot of patience thank you!

  28. Thank you to Andy Winter for being the best driving instructor and teaching me in such a positive way to drive safely and confidently.
    Today i passed first time with 1 minor and i could not be happier. He taught me to believe in myself and he believed in me too.
    Thank you Andy!!🚗

  29. I would definitely recommend Rizwana! She is an amazing instructor- very calm and patient. I passed my test first time with her!!

  30. I would like to say a big thank you to Adil Rashid. He was a brilliant instructor and very professional, incredibly helpful and patient. I passed my test from first attempt with 2 minors yesterday. Highly recommended.

  31. I’d like to thank Saqiba for getting me to pass for my first ever time, after years of having bad instructors and being too nervous to make myself test ready, Saqiba built up my confidence leaving me to pass under tough conditions.
    She was sweet and kind but pushed me and told me what I needed to hear sometimes, without her help I would never be in this position.
    There is nobody I could ever recommend more, and thank you again.

  32. Massive thank you to Mohammed Azam, passed first time with his help. Very understanding instructor and kept the nerves at bay. Thank you again 👌

  33. Tam snail was my driving instructor and I can’t say anymore than he was amazing flexible helped with revision for my theory changed his teaching methods to suit my learning ways over all was amazing and I highly recommend.

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