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Automatic Instructors available online

Irfan Raza (Auto Lesson)

Saquiba Shadab (Auto Lesson)

Adil Rashid (Auto Lessons)

Rizwana Rafiq (Auto Lessons)

Anne Lee (Auto Lessons)

Auturas Satinskas (Auto Lesson)

Manual Instructors

Alin Ciupercă (Manual Lessons)

Tim Lee (Manual Lessons)

Simon Barkham (Manual Lessons)

Saqiba Shadab (Manual Lessons)

Alternatively use our online booking system to check availability and book from our range of competitively priced driving lessons in Peterborough;

3 thoughts on “Book Lessons Online

  1. I highly recommend mpl driving school. Shirley was an amazing instructor. She is friendly and does her job very well. She motivated me so much that my confidence improved a lot. She is the main reason i passed my test. Thank you very much.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Brendon Kelly as he was the main reason i passed for the first time. He was funny and kept things entertaining, whilst teaching me what i need to know. All the best words to instructor for his time and effort. Brendon you are the best instructor ever!

  3. I really appreciate the time and effort Alin Ciuperca put into guiding me to drive with confidence. I was able to pass my test in the 1st attempt . I highly recommend learners to opt Alin Ciuperca as your instructor.

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